Closer to Memling


Portrait of a young woman or Sibylla Sambetha

Detail uit het portret van een jonge vrouw of Sibylla Sambetha van Hans Memling, 1480. In het detail is de jonge vrouw ten hoofde afbeeld in 7/8 profiel naar links.

Hans Memling
Bruges (Belgium)
46.5 x 35.2 cm

Oil on panel
Musea Brugge,
Museum Sint-Janshospitaal, Brugge


This portrait shows a young woman, in 7/8 profile to the left. That she comes from well-to-do circles is evident from her attire, hairstyle and jewellery. Her hands lie on top of each other, the fingertips of the right hand rest on the frame. This detail creates a trompe l’oeil effect, a clever trick to deceive the eye that makes something look lifelike. The work features a cartouche and banderole with inscriptions. They were painted later, probably in the 16th century. The portrait is dated at the top of the frame: 1480.